About Us

The company Kabolis was founted 35 years ago,starting with the design and construction of home and business furniture.Today,they are transforming their personal philosophy into a new proposal of aesthetics and funcionality.Our goal is for our customers to enjoy their daily routine through our furnitures.

Inspiration.Creativity.Detail.FeelingArt.How many words can describe a piece of furniture?The only thing that is that it's real!That it takes you on a journey.That it speaks to you.This is my vision.Furniture,designed in forms that might be inspired by a work of art,by nature,by everything that surrounds us.Using wood,metal,glass and marble as my materials.Besides,each piece of furniture is,above all,an expression of art.In it's most fuctional form.It is life itself.

John Kabolis is the founder and exlusive designer of  KABOLIS Company.

Furniture designer-Architecture